Information Sessions

Restorative Cultures (Proactive)

A 90-120 minute introductory session for groups (ie: schools, group homes, teams, agencies, businesses) who are exploring or interested in Creating a Restorative Culture. This is an opportunity to introduce and engage staff to the concepts of restorative principles and how they could fit within your organization, prior to committing to further professional development in this area.

Community Conferencing (Reactive)

A 60-90 minute introductory session describing this restorative process, benefits and examples of successful Community Conferences. This session would be specific to your group or organization.

Community Conference and Circle Facilitation

  • Consultation to determined which is the appropriate process for your particular situation and circumstances.
  • Discuss the preparedness of your community members and how to coach them to be successful participants.
  • Prepare participants in person, to increase their comfort with the process, answering any of their questions and create realistic expectations.
  • Assist with conference logistics
  • Conduct conference/circle
  • Debrief with referring agents
  • Provide written report
  • Follow up check-ins


Alberta’s School Act (Included in Bill 10)

  • Information about amendments to the School Act around Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environments
  • Increased expectations for school boards, parents and students
  • How restorative practices support the changes in the School Act and how to implement in your school


  • On-going skill development and practice with circles, mini-conferences and community conferences
  • Mentorship for community conference facilitation
  • Consultation around best practices for potential conferences
  • Community Conference facilitation, observation and feedback

Community of Practice

  • Building organization’s internal capacity through on going, informal conversations, stories and sharing of experiences
  • Opportunity to share current articles and research